Adding scroll functionality to the Apple mouse with Windows 10

I’ve been using the apple mouse with my laptop for about a year or so now. I found it mildly irritating that when using the mouse with windows i had no scroll in either direction.

This can be achieved by installing an apple bootcamp driver. (which can be obtained here.) Once downloaded open the Zip file and navigate to: \BootCamp\Drivers\Apple and Extract the file “AppleWirelessMouse64.exe.”

Install it.

Once extracted install it on your computer.

Apple Mouse program

As far as i am aware this will only work on a 64bit system. As installation progresses your mouse will stop working whilst the new drivers are actually installed. Once installation is complete switch the mouse off and switch it back on. Mine took a couple of seconds (maybe a minute) to reconnect. Once connected the horizontal and vertical scroll should now be working.

Let me know what you think...