HP P2000 SAN

After setting up the HP P2000 SAN with Direct Attached SAS, there seemed to be a lot of documentation on how to configure this for fibre channel or iSCSI, but I couldn’t find any much information on Configuring Direct Attached Storage with MPIO.


Connect up your SAN; I recommend doing this one cable at a time and giving them names that identify them:

Hosts Overview

After installing MPIO and connecting your cables and giving them names, check file and storage services > Volumes > Disks on the server, and if the LUNs have already been mapped (I’m adding hosts to my cluster, so the LUNs and disks are already configured) there should be two of each SAN disk.

File and Storage services SVRP-HypV-03 Pre Config


Adding MPIO Service

The first step is to install Multipath I/O from within add roles and features (or use powershell command)

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature –Online –FeatureName MultiPathIO

Reboot the server


Combining the Paths

Once rebooted, open an admin command prompt:

mpclaim -n -i -a

Mpclaim Success

Reboot again.


When the server has rebooted check file and storage services again, and the disks should now be combined. This will need to be repeated on each server. If this is a new clustered setup, on one of the servers the disks will need to be brought online, initialised and volumes created on them.

File and Storage services SVRP-HypV-03 Post Config