DFS-Replication State

Sometimes it is necessary to check the DFS-R (Or DFS-Replication state) between two or more file servers. This could be because replication has started on a new server, or because files are not replicating for some reason. Once the event log (eventvwr.msc) has been checked and isn’t showing any errors, the following commands can be used to check the replication status, and confirm there is no backlog.

dfsrdiag backlog /rgname:{REPL_GROUP} /rfname:{REPL_FOLDER} /smem:<SRV_A> /rmem:<SRV_B>

Definition of command:

{REPL_GROUP} is the name of the replication group

{REPL_FOLDER} is the name of the replication folder

{SRV_A} is the sending server

{SVR_B} is the receiving server

Finding DFS Replication Group and Replication Folder names:

With DFS management console open the names of the folders and replication groups can easily be seen.

The Command I Ran:

dfsrdiag backlog /rgname:Profiles /rfname:Profiles /smem:gemini /rmem:svrv-file-01

This script can collect information on all replication groups and output the result.

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