Nitro NG61 Review


As Promised my review on these gloves. I used these gloves today on my commute both to and from work (13 miles each way.) They performed very well, the outside temperature this morning was about 10c. I admit that it was a little cold on the hands this morning, but not by any means uncomfortable. I felt like I had much more control than with my winter gloves (this is my first pair of summer gloves, I’ve only been riding since October) the journey home was much nice, I think it was about 14/15c. The gloves are very well ventilated, (even thought there are only three vent holes, (Index finger, Middle Finger, and between the knuckle of the index finger and the thumb) My Journey consist of approximately 6 miles of dual carriage way and 7 miles of 30/40 mph roads.

The cuffs on the gloves are small so I wear them under my jacket, rather than over. Most of the glove is made up of Suede, and there is little in the way of knuckle protection except rubber ridges across three knuckles and the two fingers with vents.

There is a logo in embossed rubber on the back of the hand, a small leather patch on the cuff with “NG61” on, and on the ring finger there is another “NG 61” this time in White and Red. The to fingers with the protection and vents also have the words “nitro” written on the inside of the fingers. This is kind of like the rubber bits you find on “slipper socks.” the cuffs close with Velcro, which I can see attractive all sorts, bu that is to be expected with any vecro.

Over all they are very comfy gloves and I would highly recommend them. I felt like I had much more control of the clutch and front break, and was able to make much small adjustments to the throttle than in the winter gloves.


Let me know what you think...